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Pricing varies according to service provided. Standard fees apply for Career Coaching and additional cost for Executive / Leadership Coaching and HR Consulting/Business transformation.

Career Objectives & Tools

  • Write a winning “smart” résumé 

  • LinkedIn profile review 

  • Application & cover letter writing 

  • Respond effectively to online job advertisements

  • Respond effectively to selection criteria

  • Effective and structured interview techniques

  • Respond to behavioural questions using (STAR framework), case scenarios, role plays and written assessments 

  • Assess objectives and set expectations

Career Transition

  • Changing job, industry or sector

  • Bouncing back from redundancy

  • Navigating private, public and non-profit sectors

Career Strategy

  • Career identity, career brand & value proposition

  • Online branding & how to differentiate from the crowd

  • Formulate your go-to-market strategy

  • Engaging recruiters and headhunters

  • Effective networking strategy

  • Identifying target companies

  • Direct approaches to companies

  • Cold calling prospective employers (scripts) 

Career Planning

  • Discuss, long term vision for your career

  • Construct a career plan 

  • Future of work and the different vehicles of income

  • How to manage internal branding and strategic networking for the future

Business Planning

  • Reasons to get into business

  • Construct a business plan

  • Exit strategy

Retirement Planning

  • How to retire with ongoing interests

  • Step back but keep involved

  • Financial, social and emotional considerations

Executive Coaching and HR Consulting

  • Strategic workforce planning

  • Leadership coaching

  • Business transformation

Soft Skills Training

  • Public speaking, Confidence building, Resilience & Wellbeing strategies, Mind mapping, Conflict resolution, Offer negotiation, Time Management, Prioritisation, Professional Negotiation and more!

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